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Types Of Media Communication

Media communication is divided into two categories: Physical Media and Mechanical Media. This article focuses on internal communication, the information below will give you the details about this. Physical Media Physical media mean channels where an individual talking can be heard and seen by the audience. The main point in physical media is about hearing… Read More

Radio Communication Devices

Radio communication devices and gadgets take part in a significant role in the world’s method of communication. It was invented for the main purpose of communication, which comes with a vital responsibility of keeping people secured. Nowadays, most people who use radio communication system are professionals who deal primarily with safety and security such as… Read More

How Mobile Communication Works

Everyday, people make calls, connect to the Internet through their mobile devices or send messages but rarely think and wonder how mobile communication works. What is going behind the scenes? Why mobile phones can perform its functions? Mobile communication works through the use of low power radio waves, they make it possible to carry data… Read More

Mobile Technology in the Year 2014

The mobile industry is continuously changing. As the years pass, mobile phones are also making drastic changes in our lives as human beings. Before, we usually communicate things personally. But now, it’s always common to receive a text message from a person far away from our location. This year, mobile technology is even more expanding… Read More

Mode Of Communication Today

Communication is always a crucial part of the social life of people. The mode of communication today is greatly different from the past. It has changed tremendously according to the people’s living condition and all circumstances like technological developments. Throughout history, technology has brought huge impacts on the modes of communication. In the ancient times,… Read More

Telecommunications: The Key to a Better Economy

The industry of telecommunications today is immensely growing and expanding. This industry is one of the major contributors of success in the socioeconomic system of any nation, and there are several reasons why it is beneficial for the economy and business growth. Due to the countless media that telecommunications present such as telephone, the Internet,… Read More

Broadcasting Communication Technology

The Broadcasting Communication Technology is a program that offers hands-on education in broadcasting. In this program, the students will be able to learn video and audio production, radio and television announcing and writing styles used in mass media. Also, the program includes practical experience in writing, producing, announcing, editing, reporting, directing studio and field production.… Read More

Knowing Nanotechnology

The emerging field of nanotechnology will change and revolutionize the face of technology. The continuous advancement in today’s modern civilization aims to develop and provide us with excellent and high-performing products by means of nanotechnology. This science is basically defined as the engineering of functional systems at the molecular scale. And upon understanding what nanotechnology… Read More