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How Mobile Communication Works

Everyday, people make calls, connect to the Internet through their mobile devices or send messages but rarely think and wonder how mobile communication works. What is going behind the scenes? Why mobile phones can perform its functions?

Mobile communication works through the use of low power radio waves, they make it possible to carry data and speech. When you call, the signal passes across a network which is linked to a geographic area that is called cells; thus, the word cell phone came from. When it reached the destination, you can now talk to the person on the other end.

The base station is an equipment used to transmit signals, from one cell to the other or landline networks. Often, a base station is referred to as towers, masts or cell-sites.

How Mobile Communication Works

The base station sites vary in sizes and shapes and are very essential to make mobile phones working. The base station is the house of radio transmitters including receivers, they pick up signals coming from your phone then transfer these signals to the network operator. This process allows you to connect to the person you are communicating.

Base stations are receiving signals from various mobile phones in buildings or ground-level and send these signals that come to you as messages, calls, mobile services and data. In constructing base stations, it requires the following:

  • A structure where antennas can be mounted.
  • Antennas for signal exchange.
  • Electronic equipment to process the signals.

Typically, antennas are positioned high above from the ground in order to transmit and at the same time receive signals in between stations. Towers and masts are used to increase base height but today, you can still see the antennas on top of tall buildings.

The base station has three main types: Cell-sites or masts, microcells and other base stations. There are factors that can affect the positioning of a base station site, these are: coverage, capacity and environment.

How Mobile Communication Works

After reading this article, you now understand how mobile communication works.


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